Every year, on the last week of September IDS West takes place in Vancouver. It is perhaps one of my favourite weeks in the year and a widely popular event for those in the design community.

I spent the weekend walking around the expo, soaking up the design and creativity from individual designers, artists, makers and design-centric brands who were showcasing their current concepts and products. I also attended some fascinating seminars and had the opportunity to hear from some of the design world’s most notable and talented personalities, some of which have notable mentions in this post.

Altered States - collaboration between Caesarstone & Snarkitecture

Altered States - collaboration between Caesarstone & Snarkitecture

It was a weekend packed full of inspiration, creativity and fun, including of course the IDS West after party hosted by Gray Magazine… well, we won’t mention much about that, after all what happens at designer parties, STAY at designer parties 😉

Now on to the exciting stuff, I have included my personal highlights from IDS West, including some up-and-coming designers, exciting new product concepts and wonderful, sustainable furniture design.

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The What the HEL Finland exhibition was definitely a show-stopper last weekend. The exhibition was visually beautiful and colorful with a story driven concept, that displayed cutting edge design mixed with the best in fine arts from Finland. This exhibit was a complete mix of traditional Scandinavian design with a twist of modern day Finish culture. It was hard to not be completely inspired by what each section and area within the exhibition had to offer. More than 30 designers showcased their work at the What the HEL booth but trend analyst Susanna Bjorklund was the curator of the expo and a speaker at IDS West.

2018-09-28 11.51.11 1.jpg

As I walked around, I was struck by the beauty and thoughtfulness of each display. I fell in love with this blue alcove that featured a beautiful and sustainable washbasin by Woodio Design.

This company has created the first 100% water resistant and cast moldable wood material which I think was simply stunning. It was hard not to be blown away by the sheer energy of this display and the thought provoking concept of traditional, slow living meeting the 21st century.

2018-09-28 11.58.46 1.jpg

I appreciated how this exhibition was currently ‘on trend’ as well. The display of lush wall coverings and the elaborate paintwork are making a huge comeback in the design world.

The folk and art deco inspired illustrations, colours and patterns create an exuberant and delightful atmosphere that I believe is a trend that is here to stay! Simply beautiful!

2018-09-28 12.13.51 1.jpg


The workplace and office environment has dramatically changed over the decades. This generation is particularly focused on an entrepreneur lifestyle and advancing their careers, therefore more and more time is being spent at the office. It has become a home away from home. This social change, has lead to a change in interior design and architecture. We have become consciously aware, particularly as designers, that the working environment should be designed with the intention of creating a space that is an enjoyable and healthy environment for the user. Enter Buzzispace.

I really enjoyed the Buzzispace and Inform booth at IDS West and respected their entire design ethos. The Buzzispace brand started with an interest and love for all things acoustics and from that, their mission grew. They now specialize in creating happy and healthy workspaces through human centric design.

2018-09-28 12.13.51 2.jpg

They re-imagine and re-design furniture with original acoustic solutions that are functional and also lots of fun! I particularly loved the BuzziVille, which is a totally flexible and modular freestanding system that can moved around the office place to create different spaces depending on the current needs.

2018-09-28 12.55.22 3.jpg


Did you know that roughly 100,000 chopsticks are thrown away in Vancouver, each day? In a environmentally conscious city like Vancouver, this statistic was quite shocking to me. Then I found the Chopvalue exhibition at IDS West. This company offers a remarkable solution to the disposal of chopsticks. They take responsibility in resourcing, processing, engineering and reusing chopsticks to form new applications, such a furniture design and artwork.

2018-09-28 12.55.22 2.jpg

What I particularly love about Chopvalue is that they create visually beautiful, high quality, sustainable, products. I fully appreciate their understanding of their chosen material, bamboo, always showcased in its ‘chopstick’ form within their intricately made products. Big thumbs up from us at kds! 👍🏼

2018-09-28 01.02.52 1.jpg


Next on our list of IDS West highlights in the 100% sustainable (wood free) and customizable furniture from Reforest Design. We fell in love with this beautifully made furniture design and the vibrant, geometric textiles created by this company, who are currently running a kickstarter campaign for their chair design in a bid to preserve the earth’s forests.

2018-09-28 01.02.14 1.jpg

Here’s a small breakdown on what makes this product stand out for us,

Bamboo Frame -  Each frame is made from bamboo (just like chopvalue’s furniture) and 100% plant-based glues. Bamboo is the perfect product for mass production because it can grown up to 3 inches in a day and reaches maturity in 1-5 years and releases 30% more oxygen while growing than trees!

Natural and Recycled Fabrics - The textile covering on each cushion is made from post industrial and consumer recycled hemp, organic cotton and wool.

100% Latex Foam Cushion - That has been tapped from sap of a rubber tree, completely resistant to mildew and mold and not to mention incredibly comfortable to sit on. Take my word for it!


We couldn’t talk about our highlights without making a special mention for the Prototype feature at IDS West. A curated showcase of the next generation of designers. This was a platform of products that addressed new ideas for the residential market, featuring work from both professional designers and students.

2018-09-28 01.22.49 1.jpg

We particularly loved this piece from Ryspot Design. Named ‘The Touch’, it is a visualization of the connection between people and concrete. We thought the organic form on top, cast in resin, resonated perfectly with polished concrete below creating a thoroughly thought provoking sculpture.

2018-09-28 01.22.49 2.jpg

Another piece I enjoyed in the prototype exhibition was the Peel Credenza cabinet by designer Leah K.S. Amick. This cabinet featured a unique and fun opening detail. Tugging on the tabs opened the cabinet in an unusual ‘peeling’ motion and added mystery and intrigue to this piece.


I attended a seminar at IDS West on Friday (trade show day) and the talk was so compelling I wanted to share some of the key points with you. The seminar featured three of North America’s leading female architects, Jing Liu of New York’s SO-IL, Johanna Hurme of Winnipeg’s 5468796 Architecture and Susan Scott of Vancouver’s Scott and Scott Architects. The discussion focused on women entrepreneurs in design, the speakers discussed ways for women to progress their careers in our industry. I took away a few things from that talk and they will be featured in my next blog post.

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Are you a successful female designer/entrepreneur based in Vancouver? Have you got a story to share about ‘making it’ in the industry? Our next blog will feature the voices of both prominent and up-and-coming designers from the Vancouver area and we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us for a chance to be featured.

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